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The Lakehead University Greenhouse facility consists of 5 single gable glass greenhouses, 4 conviron chambers, a walk-in cooler / freezer, drying oven, potting area, classroom, and associated storage facilities.

The main greenhouse is 147 m² in size, housing 6 rolling benches with 96 m² of growing space. The 4 additional greenhouses are each 37 square metres, housing four 5 m² benches. The combined available growing space of all greenhouses is 176 m². As a result of a successful CFI application, the greenhouse facility has received a number of updates including shade curtains, misting systems, root zone heating system, CO2 generators, all controlled and monitored by an Argus control system. The large greenhouse has a fully automatic overhead watering system with an integrated fertilizer injector system.

The walk-in cooler / freezer offers 18 cubic metres of storage space. The classroom holds 35 students.

The greenhouse facility provides a research platform which meet the needs of a variety of university researches, students and identified partners.

Plans for updates includes a nutrient system controlled by Argus systems.

Lakehead University Greenhouse User Fees

(as of April, 2009)

All uses of the greenhouse facilities (research, teaching and personal use are all inclusive) are subject to user fees. User fees consist of three components: space charge, supplies, and care fee.

Greenhouse charges

  Teaching and research by L.U. Faculty and students External Research and personal use All other uses
Greenhouse bench space $10/m²/month $30/m²/month $40/m²/month
4’ growth chamber $35/month



8’ growth chamber $50/month $100/month $125/month

In-kind contributions (such as time) can be used as payment for space charge. A flat rate may be negotiated for long-term users.


(Prices are subject to change)

Supplies include all the consumables, such as fertilizers, pots, and growing medium. Supplies will be charged at cost (including taxes and shipping) plus a 5% handling charge. Users are encouraged to purchase their own supplies.

Pots, seedling trays

  • Pot, 4” - 6”  ………………………………………  $0.15/unit
  • Pot, 1 L  …………………..………………………  $0.25/unit
  • Germination tray-perforated bottom  …………  $1.25/unit
  • Germination tray-clear dome  …………………  $1.50/unit

CO2 control

  • CO2 sensor calibration – $20.00/unit.
    CO2 sensors are calibration at the start of each experiment and every 4 - 6 months afterward.
  • CO2 cylinder – COST + 5% handling charge

Care fee

Users are responsible for taking care of their own materials, including pest control. Should the user choose to let the Greenhouse Manager take care of his/her plants, a care fee will be charged as follows: $10/hour for university research and teaching and $20/hour for all other uses.

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